6 Hours of Nordschleife by RGPL

How to swap drivers

Firstly, you have to set following 7 buttons, maybe you will not use all of them every time, but sometime you will need them. (Settings -> controls in rF menu):

Driver Hot Swap -> makes swap during the drive, but it's dangerous and on our server blocked so you will not need it.
Passenger Select  -> very important button, by this key you can select driver which you will replace
LCD Mode -> switching HUD menu(vehicle status, pit menu etc.)
LCD Up -> moves select in HUD menu up
LCD Down -> moves select in HUD menu down
LCD Increase -> increases value in HUD menu
LCD Decrease -> decreases value in HUD menu




If we have set the buttons, we can move to whole swapping. It's important to communicate with your mates about timing of an swap. To communite during the race we use and recommend Team Speak 3. In our sample there we have Karel Nemec and Jakub Rojek.




The first important thing is, that driver who will drive the car first (will start the race) will have connect on the server as a normal driver (Connect settings in the main menu of rF -> spectate - OFF). The second driver who will join the car after the first driver will have to connect on the server as a spectator(Connect settings -> speactate - ON).




So on the server are 2 drivers. One with a car and one without a car as a spectator. In our example there is as a 1st driver Jakub Rojek and as a spectator Karel Nemec. Jakub is driving his stint. Karel will first of all load his setup, but because he is spectator, obvious „load“ will not take effect, he must „assign“ the setup, then he will choose Jakub in standings – he will click on his name. Then he will put the "Passenger select" button and in the chat will pop message "Your are now riding with Jakub Rojek". And the last thing you should do as a 2nd driver is click on RACE button.




At the same time to 1st driver will pop message "Karel Nemec is now riding with you".




But if  you selected the wrong car and you don't want to ride with him. just touch the same button. In our sample there will be message "Karel Nemec is no longer driving with you" for Jakub and "You are no longer riding with Jakub Rojek" for Karel.




If you chosed correct car and clicked on RACE, then your "swapping job" is over. But you must be "sitting" in the car, you can't be in the menu! Now the "swapping job" starts for the 1st driver. In Hud menu he must set Pit menu. It's that chart where you choosing amount of fuel, tyres etc. for your next stop while you're driving. There is also column called DRIVER, select this column.




If you can't select it, it's because your 2nd driver didn't joined you(pic 5). But if you can, you will be able to choose your 2nd driver in this column(by LCD inc./dec. Button – pic 1) which will swap with you in the pit. In our sample "Jakub Rojek" will Jakub change on "Karel Nemec".




And that's all. Now you have everything set for your swap. The only thing what remains is to go to the pit. When you stop on your slot there will be besides refuel and tyres change time also timer which will tell you when the 1st driver will loose the control and the 2nd gain the control. The ESC button you can touch ONLY if the 2nd driver already gained the control and left the pitstop! If you will touch it sooner, you will loose your car and your race will be over.




Now the 1st driver will be spectator and 2nd driver will be the driver. After swap the 1st driver will left the server to avoid unnecessary server lags. And when there will be time of another swap, the 1st driver will connect to the server as a spectator like the 2nd driver did.

We recommend to try out this before the race multiple times. It's simple, but if you make a mistake during of swapping in the race, the race can be suddenly over for you.


Studio 397 GT3 Packs
Track: Nordschleife
Race length: 6 hours
Time scale: 1x
Date: 30th november 2019
Qualification: 15:00
Warm-Up: 15:45
Start Time: 16:00
Time zone: UTC/GMT +02:00
Server name: RGPL Endurance
Password: rgpl

Real Live Weather: Forecast





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